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facing and compelled by the trends of industrial alliances, globalized competitions, new technologies interrupt, more and more companies have formulated globalization strategies, and outbound investment/merger & acquisition is a new hot spot for many enterprises with sector leading edge. how to pinpoint risks of the investment/m&a? how to make the deal a success and a value generation to shareholders? amt helps clients to realize globalization strategy by offering proprietary total solutions ranging from feasibility and risk assessment of outbound investments/m&a, through facilitation of the m&a transactions, to post-m&a integrations.

1. risk assessment for investment/mergers & acquisitions

for decision making onoverseas investment/m&as, a pinpoint assessment in advance of executions iscrucial. amt will align with the client to conduct risk assessment againsttargeted investment, and assist clients to grabble first-hand data andinformation pertinent to the target overseas markets. we will deliver predeterminationof the investment through an analytics model to underpin final investment decision-makingas well as risk mitigation plans.

2. execution of overseas investment/mergers & acquisitions project

amt helpsclients to formulate a clear cut and explicit strategy of overseas m&a basedon the companies’ vision and development proposition, to analyze and identifythe target industries, sectors and geographies where to play with, and then toscreen and pinpoint the companies of interest. amt also guide, support andfacilitate the clients in process of deal preparations, due diligence, dealconclusion, and transaction mode design etc. with aim to carry out overseasinvestment project smoothly and ended with success. integrations

post integrations are vital as many m&as devalue due to failureof achieving synergy outcome from integrations of the legacy organizations. amthelps clients to progress the integrations in orderly manner by leveraging theinternal experiences and strength as well as learning from models of external paragonsso to reap a deep level synergy.