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siss: strategy implementation supporting system 

to tackle the difficulties for large-scale enterprises to make the set-strategies grounded for implementation, amt has developed and launched the strategy implementation supporting system over the course of years of management consulting practice, which may propel the realization of enterprise strategies through rigorous implementation. 

strategy control system

this system aims to propel enterprises to map out their strategic goals and tactic sfor implementation, design pragmatic roadmap for strategic transformation, and put in place a management control system throughout the organization. meanwhile, its hall deliver effective control and bolster up strategy achievements by systematic analytics, the top level decision making body’s meeting management mechanism and the planning, budgeting and performance management systems.  

business operation system

this system shall impel persistent innovation on management processes, improve lean and agility of operations, forge a learning and ‘smart memory embedded’ organization, enable employees’ wisdom, and cumulate the organization knowledge assets.

technical supporting system

this system aims to achieve a solid consensus on digital strategy so the commercial value of it will be unleashed, controversy amid the course of execution can be evaded, it as part of organizational core capabilities is upgraded and roi onit is optimized to boost an enduring success of business.