industrial internet

with the introduction of relevant national policies to accelerate the development of new infrastructure and industrial internet, industrial digitization has become a consensus to boost the economy. promoting the transformation and upgrading of the whole industrial chain and supply chain has become an important task in the new era, which has brought deeper opportunities for change to traditional industries. all industries are being infiltrated and reconstructed by the internet. whether or not we can grasp the "internet plus" to achieve the transformation and upgrading of enterprises has become a problem that traditional enterprises must face.

build industrial internet closed-loop service around the whole life cycle value of tob customers

amt has continuously studied, thought and summarized in the practice of industrial internet transformation, put forward the concept and methodology of industrial internet earlier, took the lead in forming a number of typical cases of industrial internet, comprehensively integrated industrial internet ecological resources, built an industrial internet cloud service platform, and provided closed-loop services throughout the life cycle of industrial internet for governments, parks and enterprises.

industrial internet consulting services

the sustained development and normalization of covid-19 bring important development opportunities to the industrial internet platform enterprises. a large number of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain face the severe challenge of survival difficulties, which accelerates the urgency of their online and digital transformation. in practice, we can see that those industrial internet integrated service platforms that have a certain foundation in vertical industries have achieved contrarian growth in performance during the epidemic period. so how can traditional industries find the entry point of industrial internet transformation and create their own industrial upgrading route?

the industrial internet planning consulting service provided by amt is to design the customer's business model, including user value, product positioning, core resources and profit model, based on the investigation of the current situation of the industrial chain, the evaluation of the current situation of industrial resources / capabilities and the collection of the needs of relevant parties, so as to find the minimum closed loop of the industrial internet, that is, it is the easiest and valuable service to solve the pain points of upstream and downstream customers in the industrial chain.

because of this valuable service, it attracts customers to connect offline businesses to online platforms. after the first mvp operation promotion forms a certain accumulation of customer traffic data, amt will promote the next mvp in combination with customer demand identification, provide complete top-level design services, and form stronger customer relationship.

industrial internet cloud paas service

when many enterprises promote the industrial internet, one of the easiest misunderstandings is to regard the industrial internet as an it project, dominated by it technology, rather than the idea of industrial value-added services. as a result, no one is willing to use the platform purchased or developed according to it function modules and invested tens of millions of dollars, it cannot generate online business and transaction volume. the design of it solutions must deeply understand the characteristics of industrial scenarios and their pain points, so as to design an it platform that meets the needs. the industrial internet paas platform service provided by amt can strengthen the collaborative support between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain and create a whole industrial chain system with vertical connection and horizontal integration. focusing on online transactions, financial services, logistics services and information services, making full use of the advantages of technology and resource integration of all parties, develop effective scenarios and products around user needs, so as to provide support for channel expansion and various technologies and services for the platform.

based on amt's industrial internet practice, amt has formed an it solution for typical industrial scenarios.


online solutions

amt industrial internet cloud commodity online solution can provide powerful online trading, logistics, settlement and other products and supporting basic it components, gather the resource advantages of all parties, open up all links of the whole industrial chain, and provide commodity practitioners with services with integrated functions of "trading, capital, information and logistics".

application scenario

graincoal steelnonferrous metalschemical raw materials……

product highlights

online transaction supports multiple business models in transaction scenarios to meet customers' personalized needs for goods;
electronic contracts electronic contracts have the same legal effect as paper contracts; anti counterfeiting and tampering; online signing is convenient and fast
online payment and settlement online payment and settlement are safe and reliable, 7 * 24-hour large amount and fast payment, low handling rate and legal compliance;
online logistics control online transportation stowage, warehousing supervision, and whole process visual control;
online supply chain provides a safe channel for funds to enter the real economy through the integration of business flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow;
blockchain has anti-counterfeiting, marketing value-added, right confirmation and credit enhancement, and whole process traceability; the digital contract with the participation of multiple subjects is ensured to be safe and fast through smart contract.

multimodal logistics

online solutions

amt industrial internet cloud multi logistics online solution combines transaction, finance and logistics to provide complete support for the supervision and receipt of goods, the organization and procurement of logistics services, the implementation and supervision of logistics transportation and warehousing activities, the change and tracking of each stage and node status, the control of the receipt and release of goods rights, and the business settlement of related businesses. so that the whole trade industry can make full use of internet and internet of things technology, make full use of the advantages of modern logistics, realize industrial upgrading and improve competitive advantage.

application scenario

sea transportation river transportationrailway transportationautomobile transportationstorage……

product highlights

online logistics service collaborative logistics scheme bidding and quotation of online logistics service collaborative logistics scheme; logistics order, payment and settlement management; interface management with land transportation, sea transportation, river transportation and railway transportation platforms;
online warehousing and transportation management have the same legal effect as paper contracts; anti counterfeiting and tampering; online signing, convenient and fast;
online logistics finance and monitoring are safe and reliable, 7 * 24-hour large amount and fast payment, low handling rate and legal compliance; logistics big data online: transportation and loading, warehousing supervision, and whole process visual control;
logistics big data online transportation and loading, warehousing supervision, and whole process visual control;

service industries

online solutions

with its years of "management it" consulting experience and strong consulting and r & d team, amt can develop targeted online solutions that meet the needs of service enterprises, and provide an efficient, transparent, safe, convenient, professional and practical functional platform and ecosystem for the industry, enterprises in the industry and enterprise customers in the industry.

application area

r & d service-orientedprofessional service-orientedfinancial service-orientedproject service-oriented……

product highlight

crowdsourcing and crowdfunding online trading online publishing needs, gathering the wisdom and creativity of scattered small and medium-sized service teams and individual professionals, and accurately matching service personnel;
collaborative design realizes internal and external cooperation and collaborative sharing through sharing cloud platform, improves enterprise r & d and design efficiency and reduces personnel transaction costs;
increase resource sharing in multiple places increase resource sharing in multiple places, support the three-dimensional growth of service industry in multiple places and various business partners, and intensively concentrate service resources such as instruments and equipment, professional service personnel, service demand and scientific and technological achievements, so as to realize resource sharing and improve resource utilization;
1 1 1, process management project management knowledge management through the front, middle and back office system, realize the project of business operation, the process of project management and the knowledge of process execution.

regional and industrial public management

online solutions

amt has served more than 3000 enterprises in the past 20 years, providing continuous and in-depth services from consulting and planning to operation landing for regional governments and industrial parks, thus forming an online solution for regional and industrial public management, which is displayed through the "four-dimensional integration" data tower to open up the "last kilometer" between the online solution and the online download body for regional governments or parks, sink science, technology and financial services into the reality of regions and industries. at the same time, in this special period, through online solutions, help enterprises return to work online and resume business first.

application area

regional industrialcluster industrial parkcommerce and trade marketdistribution center……

product highlights

government affairs online realizes government governance and service online, integrates government and property, improves work efficiency and creates a first-class business environment;
industry online realizes the online trading, capital settlement and logistics control, and the interconnection of industrial participants and the sharing of industrial resources;
people's livelihood online realizes the online of people's livelihood services (medical care, education, transportation, emergency, early warning, etc.), and improves people's sense of access, happiness and security;
financial online realizes the combination of finance, industry, technology and regional governance, and provides convenient, efficient and safe online financial services.

industrial internet operation service

when the industrial internet top-level design and it services are implemented, how can enterprises promote the development of industrial internet in the same direction and rapid iteration, so as to achieve sustained growth and value agglomeration from 0-1-n? on the one hand, the sustainable development of industrial internet is inseparable from the operation and management ability of platform enterprises.

amt provides customers with 12 modules and 36 industrial internet operation services, including strategic operation, customer relationship operation, platform design demand operation, online system operation, offline business operation, brand operation, product marketing promotion, big data operation, risk management operation, continuous improvement operation, capital operation and external relationship operation, provide agent operation or joint operation services for industrial internet platform enterprises.

in most traditional industries, if we can effectively solve the problems of difficult and expensive financing of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, it is the key to the rapid development of industrial internet platform. industrial internet supply chain financial service is different from traditional bank lending. it relies on real transactions upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and ensures that core transactions are carried out online to realize process closed-loop and risk control management.

through technical means, amt can provide asset side and capital side docking for the supply chain financial field of industrial internet, including real name authentication, electronic signature, online settlement, data assets, etc. when it is necessary to connect to the capital side, amt can provide transaction guarantee, logistics tracking, financial services, credit system and other related products and services for the industrial internet platform on the asset side, help the platform open up the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and realize the online and capitalization of business.

for financial institutions on the capital side, amt can help provide risk control service products such as asset supervision, fund tracking, risk early warning and intelligent analysis, so as to help realize the full penetration of funds into assets, the traceability of the whole supply chain and the control of risks.

industrial internet sharing laboratory

the industrial internet sharing laboratory is jointly built by amt enterprise source, zhejiang tsinghua yangtze river delta research institute industrial internet research center, xijiao liverpool university harmonious management research center, shanghai technology exchange and other head resources with local governments / parks / universities / enterprises, driven by the dual core of "theoretical research practical demonstration", to help the transformation and upgrading of regional real industries. amt's nationwide industrial internet and supply chain financial sharing laboratory fully demonstrates the innovative leadership of enterprises / parks / governments in the industrial internet era, contributes to the empowerment of the industrial chain, and creates a model of regional economic transformation. it not only brings together successful cases of internet transformation research and innovation practice in real industries, provides visible, audible, perceptible and interactive industrial frontier dynamic information, but also inspires students' multi-level and multi-dimensional innovative ideas and opens their value cognition of industrial internet. as an entrance to innovation resources and industrial transformation services, it can also provide advanced technology and think tank resources in various regions, break through physical restrictions, share innovation resources and services, and promote technological exchanges and cooperation among enterprises and business model innovation.

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