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amt (shanghai qiyuan technology co., ltd., stock code: 833132) is a chinese leading organization for "management it" consulting services which was established in 1998.

amt’s vision is “to be a world-class consulting service enterprise founded by chinese”. we insist to the service concept “professional, practical, and thinking for you”, our core philosophy is “to create value for customers”. through combining “management informatization consulting cloud service investment &incubation” three platforms all together, amt provides services in strategy, business mode design, structure and human resources optimization, business process improvement, knowledge management, it planning and implementation, cloud service operation, financing, state-owned enterprise (soe) reforms, ipo project management, etc. to help local governments and enterprises achieve transformation, upgrading and value implementation.


now amt has served more than 3000 customers in total and 60% of the “top 100 companies in china” are amt’s customers. 70% of the customers signed again with amt after accomplishing the first contract, a long-term cooperation has been built.


amt has published more than 60 books on management and informationization, and has issued more than 120 magazines named “amt advanced theory and practical”. all these have driven the pace of progress and exploration within chinese managers

more information, please visit company website “” or call the service hotline: 400-881-2881. please follow our wechat id “amtgroup” to learn the newest information and get to know more practical cases.