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The Firehouse and TITO team up to present A Christmas Carol Panto

“He’s right behind you!”The Firehouse and TITO team up to present A Christmas Carol Panto.

Bah humbug boys and girls!  Now that Little Red and Will Scarlett have fixed up everything in Sure-Wouldn’t Forest, they’re off on another adventure for the holidays, with figgy-pudding, smoking-bishop and ghosts that’ll scare the Dickens out of you (“They’re right behind you!”).  When the Sheriff is confronted by three spirits in the night will he stop being such a Scrooge?  Can Robin get over not playing the biggest role in the play?

Find out when the Firehouse Center for the Arts teams up with Theater in the Open to present A Christmas Carol Panto: Little Red and Robin Green at the Firehouse (Market Square, Newburyport) Friday – Sun, December 14-23.  The curtain goes up Fri-Sat at 8p and Sat-Sun at 3p. Tickets are on sale now ($15 Adults ~ $13 Members/ Students/Seniors) and may be purchased at the Box Office (Wed-Sun, 12N-5P) or online at

Popular throughout the UK and closely associated with the Christmas season, pantomime is a comical, musical
play that features lots of cross-dressing, animals, coarse humor, and audience participation.   Even the Beatles (Lennon, Starr, Harrison, McCartney) starred in their own pantomime show in London in 1964; and the beloved Charlie Chaplin played the front end of a horse, a favorite animal character of panto, in the Hippodrome Theatre in Stockport (UK).

Panto is a perfect holiday tradition for families to enjoy.  Mother Goose stories and other time-honored children’s tales

are often the foundation upon which classic British panto performances are built, but the fun is in no way limited to the younger set. Audience members of all ages are to be found, and it is customary for performances to encourage participation by one and all. Hence the “He’s right behind you!” phrase that has become the tag line for all things panto as the audience desperately tries to warn the players of the dangers that lurk just out of their sight!

Inspired by Roman plays, productions through the centuries have relied upon a stock collection of characters and situations. In days of yore, characters featured Punchinello (from whence originates Punch of Punch and Judy fame), and the classic clown Harlequin, made recognizable to most by the colorful costume with oversized diamonds. Today, it is customary to find a principle boy (often played by a woman), animals, and a smattering of double entendres which make for an entertaining time for the adults as well as the little people in your group.

Now TITO creates its own take on the panto fun with A Christmas Carol Panto: Little Red and Robin Green. Directed by Edward Speck and written by Edward Speck and Beth Randall, this production has a cast of 45 ranging in age from 38- to 8-years old.  Starring Edward Speck as Robin Hood, Beth Randall as Sheriff/Scrooge, Aisha Chodat as Little Red, Justin Turner as Big Bad Wolf, Lily MacLeod as Will Scarlet, Tristan Horan as Little John, Spencer Redgate as Will Stutely, Kelley Knight as Deputy Bumps, Rachel Ameen as Officer Slap, and Abigail Langsner as Titania (all Newburyport). The Merry Men, Ensemble, and Christmas Spirits will be played by adults and children from Newburyport, Amesbury, Haverhill, Byfield, Bradford, South Hampton, NH, and Kingston, NH. This will be Tito’s 8th production of a Christmas Carol.

Don’t miss the fun of Panto this holiday season at the Firehouse!

Calendar Listing
WHAT:         A Christmas Carol Panto: Little Red and Robin Green
WHEN:        Fri – Sat, December 14-15 and 21-22 at 8p & Sat – Sun, December 15-16 and 22-23 at 3p
WHERE:     Firehouse Center for the Arts, Market Square, Newburyport, MA
TICKETS:  $15 Adults • $13 Members/Seniors/ Students.  For more info please call the Box Office at 978/462-7336 or visit online at

About The Firehouse Center for the Arts- The Firehouse Center for the Arts is member-based organization located on the waterfront in Newburyport, with a 195-seat theater.  The Firehouse offers “arts inspired experiences” including film, dance, theatre, concerts, children’s programming, a new works festival, and an art gallery which exhibits works by local and international artists. The Firehouse is handicap accessible.

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