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Adam Ezra Group is “Takin’ Off “

Adam Ezra Group is “Takin’ Off “
New-England-Music-Award-winning musicians to play at Firehouse – don’t miss them!

Some of rock and rolls best male artists possess a vocal quality that is all at the same time full of grit and ruggedness but that ultimately leaves the listener feeling completely satisfied after having heard the smooth sounds of full-bodied music.  Think Mark Knopfler crooning Romeo and Juliet or What It Is, or the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen, singing anything.  There is a roughness to the voice but like the finest-grained sandpaper, just enough sharpness exists to cut a fine polish to a song; leaving your ears full and happy like only good rock and roll can do.

So it is with Adam Ezra the lead vocalist and songwriter for the Adam Ezra Group.  In addition to having matured into an accomplished guitarist, he also has the ability to weave an interesting story through a good tune – qualities that offer a perfect highlight for the talent of his other band mates:  Turtle on percussion, Josh Gold on keyboards, Alex Martin on drum set, and Robin Vincent Soper on bass.  Sounds like they have it all doesn’t it?

Hear the complete package that is Adam Ezra Group with the fine acoustics the Firehouse Center of the Arts has become known for when the band makes their debut at the Market Square venue in Newburyport on Friday, July 6 at 8pm.  Tickets are $19.25 and may be purchased at the Box Office (Wed-Sun, 12N-5P), by calling 978/462-7336 or online at www.firehouse.org. Presented by 92.5 The River and the Firehouse, this concert is part of the RiverFront Festival that has become a signature event of summer in the Port City.

In November Adam Ezra Group released their much anticipated album Ragtop Angel. The CD is their debut on Royal Avenue Records and was produced by multiplatinum producer Aaron Johnson, best known for his work with The Fray. Upon its release, Ragtop Angel shot to the top of the Amazon charts (peaking at #4 behind John Mayer and Sarah Bareilles) and was featured on iTunes “New and Noteworthy Rock Albums” in December of 2011. Soon after, Ragtop Angel won Album of the Year and “Takin’ Off” won Song of the Year at the New England Music Awards.

AEG’s songwriter and lead vocalist (guitar/harmonica) Adam Ezra Olshansky, is an interesting guy even if he didn’t have such a big talent for music. He has traveled to lands near and far, and has the humanitarian gene in his makeup – he made a journey to Kosovo as a relief effort volunteer and continually finds ways to feed his penchant for activism through his music. “Playing events that have a meaning beyond the actual concert is our favorite thing to do,” says Adam, a Colgate College graduate and natural born organizer.  A few years ago the group hosted their first “Ramble”.  Last year’s event benefited “Feeding America” (www.feedingamerica.org) and every dollar the concert raised allowed the non-profit organization to provide seven meals for families in need through local food banks.

The music of AEG is easy to listen to but it’s not “easy listening” — it is too complex and intensely concentrated to fall into that genre. Ezra inherited his love of folk music from his mother but he cites his most inspirational band as Led Zeppelin. Put these two influences in a blender and mix well with Ezra’s passion for songwriting (he says he has no fewer than two or three songs percolating in his head on any given day) and the result is an amazing sound that music lovers will not be able to resist.

Sometimes you’re just proud to live where you live and Adam Ezra may do for Massachusetts what Springsteen did for New Jersey. Watching AEG perform “Miss Hallelujah” on the new music video (another single from Ragtop Angel getting a lot of radio play),  will surely intensify that pride of place for New Englanders:    the video features beloved Boston institutions and is shot against well-known landmarks of the ‘City on a Hill’  — all set to original Adam Ezra music. And always, coming through loud and clear is a sense that these guys are having fun.

Go to any given concert and the crowd may just sing along because of the strong following the group has developed in New England — in fact, an AEG hallmark is their ability to get the audience involved in their music thanks to the well-developed story-telling ability of the group’s leader.  The lyrics are thought-provoking and the music is catchy.  It probably doesn’t hurt any that Ezra himself is handsome and possesses one of those magnetic personalities; but even still, many reviewers claim that AEG sounds even better in-person than on CDs — not always the case in this age of techno wizardry when recording studio magic can cover a multitude of sins.

So walk on the beach this summer and enjoy the sand in between your toes as it smoothes away the cares of winter-boot blues and then come to the Firehouse and let Adam Ezra Group put the smooth polish on your ears with the good sounds of rock and roll. These boys are poised to break out in a big way, so next year when you can’t get to see them on their national tour because tickets are gone, gone, gone; don’t say we didn’t warn you…Adam Ezra Group is “Takin’ Off”.
Adam Ezra Oshansky – (vocals, guitar, harmonica) Prolific songwriter of the group. Hates shoes.
Turtle – (percussion) an avid Red Sox fan and holds the distinction of playing with Adam longer than anyone (more than 10 years). His drumming makes the perfect punctuation to Ezra’s musical story.
Josh Gold (keyboards) – Ezra’s cousin. He grew up in Boston and has been playing piano since he was about five.
Alex Martin (drummer) plays the drum set. Studied at Berklee College
Robin Vincent Soper (bass) – a fine compliment to Ezra’s lead guitar and lead navigator.

Calendar Listing
WHAT:             Adam Ezra Group
WHEN:             Friday, July 6 at 8pm
WHERE:           Firehouse Center for the Arts, Market Square, Newburyport, MA
TICKETS:          All tickets $19.25.  For more info please call the Box Office
at 978/462-7336 or visit online at www.firehouse.org

About The Firehouse Center for the Arts- The Firehouse Center for the Arts is member-based organization located on the waterfront in Newburyport, with a 195-seat theater.  The Firehouse offers “arts inspired experiences” including film, dance, theatre, concerts, children’s programming, a new works festival, and an art gallery which exhibits works by local and international


  • Either check your facts or check for typos because I am certain that the money raised from last year’s Ramble was able to provide a lot more than “…”

    AEG’s music is amazing, their shows are fun and their charitable works shine a light on the character of each member. 

    •  Sorry Zeee, what are you referring to here? The article says “A few years ago the group hosted their first “Ramble”.  Last year’s
      event benefited “Feeding America” (www.feedingamerica.org) and every
      dollar the concert raised allowed the non-profit organization to provide
      seven meals for families in need through local food banks.”

  • Be sure to check out Adam’s latest music video “Miss Hallelujah” on YouTuvbe. Awesome song and very New England!

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