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All Clear! We Promise.

Hello All,
Last Tuesday (Feb. 7th) we were notified by a reader that Newburyport-Today was being flagged as having Malware.  This is something that I as the publisher take extremely seriously and I immediately notified our developer who pulled our site offline.

Our developer ran the site through various security checks and found no suspicious scripts running on the site or through any of our adware channels.  He did find that our publishing platform (wordpress) needed to be updated to the latest version as did some of our plug ins.  Often time suspicious scripts, malware, trojans, and the like can infiltrate a site through outdated platforms. Our developer feels that Newburyport-Today was probably flagged by Google due to this.

I want to emphasize that although our site was flagged we found ABSOLUTELY NO MALWARE on Newburyport-Today.

The site has now been completely updated and put back online.  We take your online safety seriously and would never want to put our readership at risk.  I as the publisher of this site take full responsibility for our outdated platform and apologize for any inconvenience or anxiety that this may have caused you.

We hope to learn from this and have instituted multiple checks and security measures to insure that this doesn’t occur again.

Thank you for your continued readership and support,

Kim Gobbi, Founder & Publisher

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