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Happy New Year! – By the Numbers

As we enter 2012, I just wanted to put in writing how thankful I am to be the publisher of Newburyport Today.  Since founding this publication in the Spring of 2009, I have been blessed with amazing support throughout the community.

Ann Ormond from The Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce was an early and earnest supporter, and to date she has posted 106 “Chamber Chat” posts!  Thanks to Ann for her enthusiasm and for promoting Newburyport and all the great happenings at the Chamber.  We are honored that she chooses to share her thoughts each week with our readership.

We have continued our partnership with WNBP this year.  WNBP is an integral part of our community and it is wonderful to be able to witness the excitement and genuine warmth that people have for the station when I join them for live broadcasts.  We are thankful to have the opportunity to share our calendar listings with their listeners on our weekly broadcasts. To date we have posted 80 WNBP weekly event promotions.

Our partnership with Anna Jaques Hospital continued in 2011.  Their bi monthly articles are always topical and informative, so far they have given us 52 posts.  We look forward to more Healthcare and Make One Change posts in 2012.

This past Fall we were happy to welcome a new partnership with the Institution for Savings.  The Institution for Savings is our new Community Video sponsor.  The bi monthly video segments have become increasingly popular posts and we look forward to bringing you even more video in 2012. So far, we have posted 8 community videos.

As I’m sure you are aware, Newburyport Today updates 5 days a week, Monday – Friday.  We post one or two times a day and this could not be accomplished without the hard work and continued diligence of  our amazing staff. They are all funny folks that I enjoy having part of the extended family of Newburyport Today.  Thanks to all for a GREAT year.  To date we have posted over 1,250 articles online.

I need to send a special call out to our features editor Kathleen Downey, who published her 87th Townie Tuesday post last week!  Kathleen is such a talented writer and we are thrilled to have her continue to post on Newburyport Today.

We have a few surprises in store for 2012.  One small clue, think mobile…

We love to hear from our readership, please comment below or send us an email at

Thanks to all, have a happy and SAFE New Year,

See you on the flip side!

—- Kim Gobbi, Founder & Publisher





  • Very nice sentiments, Kim! And great vision and entrepreneurial (community!) spirit on your part!nI remain very happy to be a part of Newburyport Today! And I love meeting and speaking with the various townies/citizens whom I am privileged to profile! (Look out No. 88!u00a0 – TBD! :-) nnKathleennu00a0

  • Sounds good, Kim. Keep ‘em coming and your audience will still be here. Am curious to see what you have in the mobile ball…

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